7 Special Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Bridesmaids

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Congratulations! The partner of your dreams has proposed, and we’re sure there are a million things running through your head. After you announce the joyous news to your loved ones and take a moment to enjoy prenuptial bliss, you’ll likely find yourself in planning mode, which can be a daunting process for brides-to-be. But the good news is you don’t have to do it alone! Choosing bridesmaids is the beginning of every wedding journey, and here are some fun and sentimental ways to ask the special friends in your life to join you along this ride of a lifetime.


Throw A Surprise Rose Ceremony

If you’ve seen The Bachelor, then you already know what we’re talking about. If not, this will be even more fun! Invite your prospective bridesmaids over under the pretense of a wine night, and before the evening is up, stand at the front of the room to deliver a speech expressing how greatly every person’s attendance means to you. Following the speech, call up each person one by one, and confess all the reasons you wish them to join your wedding party. End your speech with, “Will you accept this rose?” When they say yes, hand them a single rose as a token of your gratitude, and keep the party going!


Deliver A Personalized Care Package

This is a classic idea, but adding a personal twist can turn this age-old tradition into an endearing treat. For each potential bridesmaid, curate a care package full of trinkets, snacks, and photos inspired by your favorite shared memories. Include a card explaining the meaning behind each item, followed by a request to join your wedding party. Your bridesmaid will have a lasting memento sure to elicit heart-eye emojis on Instagram, and you’ll relive fond memories with your new bridesmaid-to-be.


Create A Digital Scavenger Hunt

The brides who are queens of game night are sure to enjoy this festive proposal. Send a fresh bouquet to each intended bridesmaid with an accompanying crossword puzzle in place of the traditional note. The solved puzzle will read, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” But to reveal each word in the question, the recipient will have to follow clues set by you, whether they lead to your latest Instagram post or a famous Mr. Smith. To make it more competitive, ask your friends to text when they solve it to know who cracked the code first.


Host A Cookie-Decorating Party

Anything with food and friends is guaranteed to be a good time, and that goes double if there’s cookies involved. Invite your friends over for a baking night, encouraging each one to personalize their batch with festive cookie-cutters, colored frosting, and all the sprinkles you can find. After a night of baking, ask your guests to display their creations. Right before they start looking at the competition, reveal your batch of cookies, lined up to spell “Will you be my bridesmaids?


Attend An Escape Room

Escape rooms are perfect for people who like to have fun and flex their smarts at the same time. Certain companies allow you to customize virtual escape rooms, and your’s can be inspired by your upcoming nuptials. Lead your wedding party through a series of challenges and puzzles based on your journey to the altar. Once you arrive at the room, announce your big question and just wait as they’re faces light up with excitement!


Order Custom Fortune Cookies

If you’d rather take your friends out instead of staying in, consider a trip to a local Chinese restaurant. Before chowing down on chow mein, discreetly give the server your package of pre-ordered, custom fortune cookies, and ask them to deliver the treats and the end of your meal. After a night of good food and conversation, your friends will be astonished to all have the same fortune, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”


Curate A Surprise Photoshoot

This idea is half-ask, half-announce, but twice the fun. If you have a group of close-knit friends who already know they’re going to be your bridesmaids, turn your proposal into a bonding event. Send each guest an invite to be your bridesmaid and attend a secret event at your home. Order fabrics, vibrant flowers, and other themed decor to create a jaw-dropping backdrop. Spend the day getting dolled up and taking the perfect Instagram photos.

Once all the shots are in, each bridesmaid can post their matching photos announcing their new honor of being your bridesmaid. Of course, you’ll want to post all of their photos on your own feed with the caption, “She said yes!” Then you can get excited about picking out the bridesmaid bouquets to go along with your bridal bouquet.


Whether you decide to opt for a fun and festive proposal or a more sentimental gesture, inviting your closest friends to join your journey to the aisle will be a moment you’ll never forget. So get to asking, because the sooner they say yes (which we know they will) the sooner they can help you get this show on the road!

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