Six Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

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It’s true that flowers can eat up a big chunk of a wedding budget. Without some lush blooms to brighten up a space, a wedding venue can border on blah. It’s not uncommon for budget-conscious engaged couples to have a bit of a panic attack over how they will incorporate flowers without breaking the bank. If you’re among the wedding flower panicked, not to worry.

There are creative ways you can get around your floral budget quandary and they don’t involve sitting up every night crafting paper blooms. The truth is you can have real flowers at your wedding without signing away your firstborn. Sometimes simple wedding flowers turn out to be the most elegant. Here are some simple wedding flower ideas to get you thinking.

Think Big

If you’re looking for big impact, but don’t have the funds to buy elaborate centerpieces, think about big blooms instead. A great way to create lush, full arrangements is to use large-size blooms. Consider flowers that have multiple blossoms on one stem, like spray roses or hydrangeas. Alternately, you may opt for flowers that are big all on their own. Either way, you can create a simple statement that really stands out, without dropping a lot of cash. Just be sure that the voluminous blooms you choose are on the less expensive side. If you fall in love with a pricier variety, use them sparingly tucked in amongst less pricey flowers and greenery.

Get Your Superfoods

There are plenty of ideas for simple flower bouquets for brides and bridesmaid bouquets and most of them use only flowers and traditional greenery. If you think a little further outside the box, however, you can find stunning and inexpensive greenery in your local supermarket. Mighty kale is good for more than just your power smoothie. The deep green leaves with their striking purple centers make gorgeous accents to fill out a simple bridal bouquet.

Go Ultra Sleek

Those who love a minimalist, modern aesthetic will likely adore an all-white flower set against a greenery look. Simple white stems placed in clear vases (or another unfussy vessel) can be arranged down the length of a long table or clustered in the middle of a round table to create an upscale, contemporary vibe.

Try Country Chic

Anyone who’s planning a stylish country wedding should consider arranging their flowers in metal cans. You couldn’t find a much more reasonably priced container for your blooms than metal cans. In fact, you probably have some in your recycling bin right now. Once you clean the condensed soup and baked beans out you’ll have the perfect containers for your simple wedding flowers. If you want to dress the cans up a little, hot glue some pretty lace around them, drill some holes in them, or paint them. After that, all you have to do is add some pretty buds.

Skip the Vases

You can ditch the cost of containers altogether and create an enchanted woodland feel by using moss on your reception tables. Simply scatter moss down the middle of the table and arrange flowers and greenery in and around it.

Be Exclusive

When researching simple flower bouquets for weddings, brides often have a variety of flowers in mind for their arrangements. Really, there’s nothing to say that your bouquet must consist of several kinds of flowers. Creating a simple bouquet of just one type of bloom can be dazzling and unexpected. Try just daisies for a country feel, lilac or lavender to give a rustic impression, or all succulents for a bohemian vibe.

When you’re ready to order flowers for your wedding day, be sure to browse the options on We have everything you need to bring your simple wedding flower ideas to life including wedding corsages and boutonnieres for the wedding that you can purchase ala carte.. That said, if you decide to go with something more elaborate, we can help with that, too. Either way, you’ll get the freshest, most impressive wedding flowers at a price that won’t hinder your honeymoon plans.

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