The Best Flowers for Your Desert Wedding

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Desert weddings seem to radiate a certain kind of magic. The desert itself is already a beautiful backdrop, so you don’t even have to do a lot of work to make the day beautiful. With all your loved ones gathered under the starry desert sky to celebrate your special day, you really can’t go wrong. Your wedding is already halfway decorated right there! But every wedding needs flowers, right? When you are looking into desert wedding flowers, most people go with really natural looks because the desert is already so magnificent.

Working with Cacti and Succulents

What kind of plants do you think of when you picture the desert? Probably some sort of cactus or succulent! There are so many ways you can incorporate these tough green plants into your desert wedding flowers. For example, sprinkling succulents in your bouquet works no matter what other desert flowers you decide to incorporate into your wedding day. As for your wedding party, succulent corsages and boutonnieres are a modern take on a traditional wedding flower. If you are looking for a fun parting gift to send home with your guests, little mini cacti or succulent planters are fun commemorative gifts! Plus, these plants are usually very hardy and difficult to kill, so it’s not like you’re sending your guests home with a big chore. You can even throw succulents and cacti into your wedding menu. Have you ever thought about topping your cake with a cactus? Succulents and cacti also make great and subtle table settings or centerpieces. And of course, you can top the wedding day off with a cactus fruit (or prickly pear) cocktail.

Tips for Caring for Succulents and Cacti

So you have decided to go with succulents and cacti as a part of your desert wedding flowers. How do you take care of these beautiful plants so they last through to your wedding day? Here are a few tips, tricks, and hints:

Water Them More, but Less Often

This means that when you water them, give them a good soak, but be sure to wait until they are sufficiently dried out to do so. You’ll lose these plants if you water them too much. Think about it - they are native to desert climates. Helpful tip: the thicker the succulent leaf, the less water it needs.

Make Sure the Soil Drains Well

Going with the rule above, the succulents need to dry out in between watering. If the soil doesn’t drain well, you still run the risk of drowning your plants.

Let Them Enjoy the Sun

Another reason these plants will work well as a desert wedding flower is that they love the sunshine! If your wedding is going to take place outside or in sunlight, you’ll be fine. If it’s mid-summer when it’s really hot, though, be careful. They could die due to a sunburn!

Choose a Tough Succulent

Some succulents are hardier than others! Sedum, Sempervivum, and Jovibarba are pretty tough plants that should be fine to last for your special day no matter how you treat them.  

Incorporating Desert Wildflowers

Keeping with the natural desert vibe, adding desert wildflowers into your floral arrangements will add a pop of color without breaking the desert theme. The desert is full of luscious, vibrant flowers that are strong enough to last through your wedding. Flowers like California poppy or desert marigold are perfect choices. If you are going for an ultra-natural look, try using air plants as your bouquet. When it comes to picking the perfect desert flowers for your wedding, it’s hard to go wrong. Whether or not you are picking a neutral color scheme, something with a bold and bright desert wildflower in it, or something dainty and pastel, what’s important is the flowers are what make you and your spouse happy when you’re walking down the aisle! If you need some inspiration, of course, don’t hesitate to check out all the wedding flower collections for sale at The Bouqs Co.

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