7 Unique Uses for Flowers at Your Wedding

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Most people feature flowers at their weddings. The bride and bridesmaids carry wedding bouquets, the flower girl drops delicate petals, groomsmen sport manly boutonnieres, the aisle showcases some perky buds, and lush blooms and greenery adorn the reception tables . However, you don’t often see people break away from the typical wedding flowers.

How to Use Flowers at a Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding and are not a typical bride, you might want to think outside the box when it comes to floral choices. Wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces are wedding staples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also add some unexpected choices to your wedding flowers. What kinds of unexpected choices, you might ask. Well, the sky (and the budget) is kind of the limit when it comes to using flowers at your wedding. Here are some wild and wonderful wedding flower uses that your guests won’t see coming.

Unique Uses for Flowers at a Wedding

Bridal Wear

Brides sometimes add flowers to their hair on the big day, but few consider really wearing some flowers. Think beyond typical wedding corsages! To make a bold statement, consider talking to your florist about creating a one-of-a-kind floral piece that drapes along a portion of your dress. Particularly for brides who are planning on wearing a simple gown, adding a stunning floral element over one shoulder or down the back can add a pop of visual interest. Imagine your guests seeing you come down the aisle in your sleek, minimalist gown and then noticing a breathtaking floral twist as you pass.

Fizzy Florals

For a more subtle yet lively floral element, greet guests with glasses of bubbly sprinkled with rose petals. Roses come in a wide range of colors, so you can usually find petals that match your decor. If roses aren’t your thing, you can choose the petals of another flower, but just be sure you select flowers that are edible.

Floral Cascade

Are you all about drama? What could be more theatrical than having some element of your wedding dripping with flowers? Select a focal point at your ceremony or reception site or even a prop you’ll use at your photoshoot. Have your florist create a display that looks as if flowers are pouring out. For example, if you’ll be taking wedding photos with a vintage car, have flowers spilling out of an open door.

Alfresco Awe

Those who are having an outdoor wedding have ample opportunity for eye-catching floral decor. Long flower garlands can be wound around or hung from tree branches. To create a touch of whimsy, decorate photo frames or wire pieces with flowers and set them up around your outdoor space for an unforgettable, dreamy look.

Blooming Backdrop

No, you don’t have to be Kim K to have a floral wall at your celebration. While it’s true that the cost of covering a wall in all flowers can really add up, if you request a greenery wall or floral arch, you get all the drama at a much lower price point. A floral wall is multipurpose too, so you’ll get lots of use out of it. Use it as a backdrop for photos, place it behind the head table, start your first dance in front of it, or have it behind your wedding cake.

Monogram Magic

If a flower wall is just too much, try doing some his-and-hers initials in moss and flowers. Wooden initials for the bride’s and groom’s first names or last name make the perfect base for a stunning flower display. Use them for decor at the ceremony, reception or both.

Hanging Gardens

Falling flowers are a photo op waiting to happen. You could have someone follow you around all day tossing petals or you could decorate with delicate hanging flower garlands. Garlands hanging from the ceiling look soft and romantic. Hang them randomly around your venue or create a backdrop for a certain area. Typically these kinds of arrangements take a bit longer to create but don’t require as many flowers as traditional wedding centerpieces so the price should even out.   Traditional wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces are lovely and sure to make an impression, but for those who want something a bit extra, consider some of the choices we’ve discussed here. When you’re ready to buy wedding flowers, have a look at the options at Bouqs.com. We’re all about choices. That’s why we offer both DIY and pre-curated wedding packages - kindness included!

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