5 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

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Many a bride-to-be has had her flower expectations all mapped out in her head months, or even years, before the big day. The problem is that when it comes time to transfer those thoughts to real life, details can get lost in translation.

Cutting pictures from magazines and keeping notes of your ideas definitely helps, but sometimes things still don’t go as planned. If you’re ultra-casual about your wedding details, no big deal - but if botched, flowers can really ruin your big day. So without further ado, here are some of the most common mistakes made when ordering bridal bouquets and wedding flowers, and how to avoid them!  


Being Unprepared

If you have a specific vision in mind for your wedding flowers, it’s a good idea to get it down on paper (or in an album, Pinterest board, etc). You need something that you can show to the florist so that they have a more concrete idea of what you want. While it’s unlikely that you’ll track down a picture of the exact flowers you have in mind, collecting photos of different aspects you like is very helpful. You can then tell the florist, “I like the shape of these bridal bouquets,” and, “I love the colors of these arrangements”. Speaking of the florist, having a collection of flower photos can help you narrow down your florist choices. Once you have a good idea of what you like, browse the websites of florists you’re considering. This should give you an idea of whose work most closely matches your wedding flower style.


Not Setting A Budget

It’s easy to get sucked into all the gorgeous choices for wedding flowers. If you start talking to florists about what you want, but go into the appointment without a budget, you’ll probably get in over your head. Before you meet with anyone, think carefully about how much money you have to spend on flowers. Be realistic about cost. To give you some idea of flower prices, about 10 percent of the wedding budget is usually spent on flowers.


Being Too Rigid

As previously mentioned, having a clear idea of your wedding flower likes and dislikes is a great idea, but being overly obsessed with a specific look can also be a mistake. It’s important to remember that flowers are unique. Expecting that you’ll get exact copies of the bridal bouquets you saw on Pinterest is impractical. Instead, try to go into your florist meeting with an open mind. Use your pictures and swatches for inspiration, but be receptive to suggestions from the pros; they usually have a good idea of what will work and what won’t.


Overlooking Scent

A lot of people love the scent of flowers, but there are those who have allergies, breathing issues, or sensitivities to scents who cannot tolerate flower fragrance. Think about the types of flowers you want to use and your wedding spaces. If you’re holding your ceremony or reception in smaller venues, you may want to opt for flowers with little to no scent. A lot of fragrance in a small space can be overpowering. However, in a larger venue, sweet flower scents might be quite enchanting. A knowledgeable florist will be able to steer you in the right direction.


Taking It All On Yourself

After seeing the cost of wedding centerpieces and wedding floral installations, some brides run for the hills. They then make the decision to take on the flower duties themselves. After all, how hard could it be? It’s not like you’re doing that much the day before the wedding anyways. ...Yeah, right! Unless you’re pretty capable in the flower arranging department (or know someone who is and can help you out), it’s best to leave these tasks to the experts.

Flowers can’t be done too far ahead of time, which means that you’d be arranging them the night before or the morning of your wedding. You may not need that kind of added stress on your big day. If that’s the case, try to find some room in the budget to have them arranged for you.


Wedding Flower Experts

There’s plenty that can go wrong with wedding flowers, but if you trust the experts and go in with an open mind, there’s even more that can go right. Remember, none of your guests will know if your wedding flower arrangements aren’t exact replicas of the ones you saw in that bridal mag. And when you’re ready to start planning, check out Bouqs.com for wedding flowers delivery. We offer stunning, fresh blooms in both pre-curated and DIY wedding flower packages - love included!

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