What to Do with Flowers After a Wedding

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Wedding flowers really transform a venue. They can take a humdrum space and make it into something totally romantic and full of sentiment. That said, once the wedding is over, what happens with all the wedding decorations? While the non-perishable wedding decorations can be given to another bride-to-be or transformed into upcycled decor, the flowers only have a short window of usefulness. It can be a huge downer to think about the price of your wedding flowers versus the amount of time you actually get to enjoy them.

Rather than ruin the wedding high with such depressing thoughts, why not give your wedding flowers a second life after the big day? As it turns out, there are plenty of wonderful things you can do with your beautiful blooms once the ‘I dos’ are over. Here are just a few ideas.


Give Them to People Who Could Use a Smile

Most towns have at least a few dreary facilities in need of some brightening up. Think about the hospitals, nursing homes, and homeless shelters in your area. The people who reside in any of these places would probably love the gift of some cheery centerpieces and wedding bouquets. In fact, some cities have charities in place to take care of exactly this type of donation. These charities will typically make arrangements to pick up the flowers after your event and deliver them to their new recipients while the blooms are still fresh and perky.


Get Crafty

If you can’t bear to part with your Bouqs, you can dry the flowers and create some original art with them. You can dry the entire wedding bouquet by hanging it upside down for a few weeks. Once the flowers have completely dried out, you can arrange them inside a shadow box either on their own or with other mementos from the wedding. Alternately, you may choose to press the flowers from the wedding bouquets. Once they’ve dried (after about 7-10 days,) you can use them to create a one-of-a-kind art piece with some serious sentimental value.


Give Your Guests an Extra ‘Thank You’

Flowers make everyone happy, so why not give your wedding guests a way to take home a little of that happiness? You may choose to either have your flowers arranged in a way that makes it easy for everyone to take home a bit of the floral wedding decorations, or find a way to give the centerpieces out to one person at each table (such as a game where the winner gets to take the flowers.) If you’re going to go this route, be sure that the vessels your flowers are sitting in can also go home with the guests or find some way for them to be easily removed from the vases. You don’t want to have a honeymoon panic attack when you realize that the rented vases have all been donated.


Enjoy Them for Another Day

If you feel like you just didn’t get enough time to enjoy your wedding flowers at the ceremony and reception, have the arrangements transported to your gift opening or wedding wrap-up brunch location. Be sure to have them properly stored overnight so that they look as fresh as possible the next morning. Reusing your flowers will brighten up your space and give you the opportunity to enjoy them for one more day. If the blooms are still looking good at the end of this event, you may choose to have guests take the flowers home with them at this point.  

Of course, before you ever decide what to do with your flowers post-wedding, you’ll need to first choose some. If you’re in the market for some flowers for your I-do’s, be sure to browse the our farm-fresh flower delivery service for weddings. Our blooms are cut to order and shipped out right away so that your wedding flowers are sure to last through your big day - and whatever you choose to do with them afterward!

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