What to Consider with Wholesale Wedding Flowers

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DIY and bridal have become pretty synonymous as of late. A lot of brides are opting to put their own personal spin on the wedding decor or at least have someone they know and trust take on the task. One area that soon-to-be-weds like to have a hand in is the wedding flowers. Flowers often account for a substantial amount of the wedding budget. In comparison to buying pre-arranged wedding flowers, DIY wedding flowers can save couples a bundle. Doing the flowers yourself is not all roses though (couldn’t help it). You have to be armed with information to be sure of what you’re getting. If you’re considering buying flowers wholesale for a wedding you need to know what you’re getting into. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying wholesale wedding flowers.

Don’t Go Too DIY

There are tons of places where you can buy fresh flowers. Your local grocery stores sell flowers and can probably bring in some extras for your big day. There are also usually some friendly vendors at the farmer’s market selling fresh blooms who’d probably be thrilled to sell you several large bundles for your wedding. The trouble with these options is that you may not get what you’re hoping for. Sure, the flowers might look good on the day you swing by the farmer’s market or when you’re breezing down the aisle at the grocery store, but will they look as good on the day of the wedding? It’s one thing to save money, but you still want your DIY wedding flowers to look good and to last for the whole wedding day. Going with a well-reviewed online retailer will help ensure the consistency and availability of your wedding blooms.

Think About Season

You may have fallen in love with some lavish peony bouquets you saw in a bridal magazine, but if your blooms of choice aren’t in season at the time of your wedding you’re in for some disappointment. Once you’ve found a flower wholesaler and have started browsing, you need to verify what types of flowers are likely to be available at the time of your wedding. While they may feature a certain kind of flower on their website when you first start planning, six or nine months down the road the choices could be quite different. Luckily there are many blooms that make wonderful stand-ins for each other. Try to be open to the options.

Nail Down Color

If color scheme wasn’t one of the first facets of the wedding you nailed down, it should definitely be determined before before you start selecting your wholesale wedding flowers. In fact, if you can keep an open mind about the types of flowers you’ll use, but have a fairly focused idea about color palette you should have an easy time making your selections. Simply choose blooms in a variety of sizes that work within your color palette and budget.

More Is Not Always More

Whether you’re buying flowers wholesale for a wedding or going a more traditional route, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to go over the top. If you love a pricey bloom, order a few and feature them prominently in your arrangements. You don’t need to create entire bouquets with them. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and wedding flower centerpieces look lovely when a variety of flowers and greenery are used to complement each other. Remember, you’re trying to save money by going with DIY wedding flowers, not stress yourself out, and drop more cash than you would have on pre-arranged flowers. 

If you’ve decided that wholesale wedding flowers are the best option for you then you need to browse the selection at Bouqs.com. We offer both DIY and pre-curated wedding packages. Plus, you know you’ll get top-quality, fresh blooms as we work with only the best eco-friendly farms. Our Bouqs are cut-to-order so there’s no waste and your flowers arrive as fresh as can be for your big day.

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