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Year after year, wedding trends come and go. However, some particular wedding flowers are here to stay. If you prefer timeless style instead of seasonal trends, you'll love these classic wedding bouquets that burst with elegant roses, delicate sweet peas, and pale pink peonies.

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Here Comes The Bouq

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Classic Wedding Flowers

The Most Popular Wedding Flowers for Classic Wedding Bouquets

Sweet Peas

Brides have been choosing colorful sweet pea blooms to grace their bouquets for years. The fragrant, petite blooms and the vast array of colors make them an easy addition to a bridal bouquet or flower arrangement. You can find sweet peas in a range of hues of blue as well as lovely shades of burgundy, red, magenta, pink, dark purple, peach, white, and cream.

Garden Roses

The lacy swirls of soft rose petals and the romantic shades of English garden roses add unmatched texture and depth to your wedding bouquet. Opt for popular choices, like Juliet or Patience garden roses, for a creamy, lush bouquet. And oh, my, the color choices! You can go with simply elegant white, cream, or blush, of course, but then you might look at the explosion of pinks and peaches: from dusty to coral to caramel to hot pink.


Ask any wedding florist, and they'll agree: Dahlias are one of the most popular additions to wedding arrangements. The broad, rounded faces of dinner plate dahlias bring an unmistakable presence to any wedding celebration. At the same time, the wide range of colors in the spiky sunburst shapes like the karma bon bini or the magnificent bora bora are fabulous as fall wedding flowers. If you a classic arrangement, check out our dahlia wedding bouquets.


Lush peonies round out the top four wedding flowers, but the gauzy, ruffled blooms, rich colors, and luxurious scent come at a price. Fortunately, you don't need dozens of the blossoms to make a breathtaking impact.

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