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Garden Roses

Lush garden roses are among the most classic, timeless, and breathtaking additions to bridal bouquets. The soft shades and elegant shapes complement modern or rustic wedding arrangements while adding a hint of fairytale romance to your big day.

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Garden Roses for Weddings

Guide to Garden Rose Wedding Flowers

Gardens have featured roses for thousands of years. However, the more recently cultivated garden roses differ from the familiar shape of traditional varieties. The ethereal roses feature tissue-paper-thin petals with a lacy finish that distinguishes them from standard wedding roses or spray roses. The beautiful blooms are great for romantic wedding flowers and have an unmistakable, lingering fragrance and come in a variety of colors, including:

White Garden Roses

White roses are among the most popular wedding flowers, with good reason. The stunning white blossoms work well in a simple rose bouquet or paired with seasonal flowers, spray roses, and trailing greenery.

Soft Pink Garden Roses

A soft pink rose bouquet adds an unmistakable touch of beauty, elegance, and innocence to floral centerpieces or bouquets. Pink garden roses often feature subtle variations in color, such as a darker pink center that gradually lightens. These add even more texture and depth to your rose bouquet.

Red Garden Roses

Like a white bouquet, red roses have become a wedding staple for timeless brides who want flowers that will stand the test of time. The deep, rich color of red garden roses makes the flowers an excellent choice for winter weddings, especially when paired with seasonal greenery.

Peach Garden Roses

Peach roses lend a subtle sense of relaxed elegance to a rose bouquet. The muted sunset tone suits spring weddings, beach elopements, or rustic events. You may even use the blossoms to create frothy table runners, perfect for an evening spent celebrating your love.

Yellow Garden Roses

Sunny yellow roses guarantee a bright bouquet. No matter if you choose an arrangement full of yellow blooms or plan to mix and match them with sunflowers, white daisies, or calla lilies, the blossoms will capture the warmth of a summer afternoon or a crisp autumn evening.

Choosing Garden Roses for Your Wedding

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