Rustic farmhouse looks and chic bohemian themes may be popular, but modern brides know it's always in style to look ahead when it comes to wedding trends. Capture the understated elegance of modern floral design with a beautiful bouquet from The Bouqs Co.

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Modern Wedding Flowers

Modern Wedding Bouquets For Contemporary Brides

A modern wedding theme doesn't have to mean a minimalistic event held at an expensive wedding venue. You can create a contemporary theme anywhere, even at an outdoor wedding, with the right floral inspiration. Whether you’re looking for some modern wedding greenery or floral wedding accessories to put on the finishing touches to your reception space, we can help you realize the modern wedding of your dreams.

As our artisan floral designers know, though, the secret is in the bouquet's design. Instead of turning to classic designs, consider modern bridal bouquets to complement the bride's wedding dress or other style factors.

Pampas Grass Modern Wedding Bouquet

Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets made with grass may seem strange, but give us a chance to explain. You won't be carrying blades of grass. Your bouquet will simply feature wispy, feathery fronds of pampas grass paired with fresh greenery and stunning blooms.

Cascading Bouquet

Add some drama to your modern wedding with a cascading arrangement. The bouquet would consist of frothy blooms and greenery that spill forward like a waterfall as you walk down the wedding aisle.

Monochrome Floral Arrangements

Monochrome bouquets combine the elegance of classic design with the refinement of a contemporary bride. Choose showstopping options like calla lilies for an impactful result.

The Most Popular Flowers for a Contemporary Wedding

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