Sunny yellow wedding flowers bring classic romance and bright happiness to your big day. The brilliant blooms range in style, size, cost, and growing season. However, no matter which yellow flowers you choose, you can guarantee a beautiful, cheerful bouquet when you include yellow in your theme.

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Yellow Wedding Flowers

The Most Popular Yellow Wedding Flowers to Brighten Your Day

Yellow flowers look wonderful in many different types of weddings. They are popular for bouquets for bridesmaids, fit perfectly in summer wedding florals, and complement other focal flowers in vintage wedding arrangements.

Yellow Spray Roses

Dazzling yellow spray roses pack a substantial amount of sunshine-yellow into a tiny bud. The delicate, ruffled flowers range from rich ocher to soft pastels. A perfect yellow roses wedding bouquet might feature barely-there splashes of yellow, perfect for pairing with baby's breath, billy balls, or white peonies.

You can also create a yellow-and-white roses bouquet with luscious greens or mix your yellow roses in as a splash to compliment a bold blue, purple, and red flower combo.

Yellow Peonies

Densely petaled peonies have become some of the most coveted additions to spring weddings. The varying shades and frothy blooms bring unrivaled texture and depth to your bouquets, while the lingering scent will follow you and your bridesmaids throughout the entire event.

Yellow Gerbera Daisies

We've never seen a flower more jovial than a gerbera daisy. The wide, circular blooms, elegant green stems, and fuzzy centers brighten wedding bouquets of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, the hardy blossoms can withstand long, hot summer days.

Yellow Calla Lilies

Elegant yellow calla lilies add instant joy and drama to your wedding flowers. The delicately ruffled petals pair well with other textured yellow flowers, like peonies or ranunculus. The sturdy buds could work well as the focal point for your bouquets, too.

Yellow Ranunculus Blooms

Yellow ranunculus have burst onto the wedding scene thanks to their compact shape, vibrant colors, and long stems. The flowers are fabulous in corsages, centerpieces, and bouquets since they outlast more delicate yellow flowers.

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