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Wedding-Ready Flowers (Arranged)

Looking for wedding flowers that arrive ready for your Big Day? Our Arranged options are the perfect solution for couples looking for already-assembled arrangements that require minimal prep work. Each of our collections has the option to come Arranged or in DIY form.

Benefits of Arranged Wedding Flowers

  • Huge time saver: having arranged flowers ship directly to your doorstep means that you'll be able to enjoy each moment leading up to the Big Day without having to sacrifice a few hours to arrange your wedding flowers.
  • Save on supplies: since our Arranged packages arrive wrapped in ribbon and floral tape, you won't need to acquire extra supplies to get perfect wedding flowers.
  • Easy prep: the only thing you'll need to do with your Arranged package is trim the stems of each arrangement and keep them stored in water. We recommend trimming the stems at a 45-degree angle for maximum hydration. 
Arranged Wedding Flowers with vases, buckets, supplies


Unboxing & Care Tips for Arranged Wedding Flowers

  1. Cut stems at angel and place in fresh water with flower food.
  2. Remove any kind of packaging or nets from the flowers.
  3. Change the water daily, avoid direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures.



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