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Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Flowers

Thinking about taking the DIY approach to your wedding flowers? If you’re willing to bust out the shears with your family and closest friends, we’ve got a variety of DIY options perfect for customizing your blooms. Plus, we’ll be here every step of the way to help you! Each of our collections has the option to come Arranged or in DIY Form.



DIY Wedding Flowers - FAQs

Our Arranged packages are completely arranged and wedding-ready, but customization options are limited. Our DIY packages are not assembled (arrive in loose stem form) and must be arranged by the client. These packages are customizable.

Our DIY packages arrive in loose stems and are not assembled, leaving you with all the creative freedom to arrange your own flowers.

All stems must be stored in water. You will need to remove any leaves, and thorns below the water line. Roses will need guard petals removed. All DIY packages come with detailed Instructions and Care Tips.

Typically, we recommend 1-2 hours for prepping your flowers and 2-3 for arranging the bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres, but this will depend on the size of the package and how many people you have to help. Usually, we see that it takes the longest to arrange the first piece but once you finish, you'll have a better understanding of what you'll need to do for the rest of the pieces, and arranging will move along more quickly.

You'll need buckets to store the stems (approximately 50 stems per bucket). We recommend either metal pails or those plastic, 5-gallon buckets you can get from a local hardware store. You'll also need: -shears -thorn strippers -floral tape -rubber bands -boutonniere pins -and ribbon You can purchase one of our [Wedding-Ready Kits] which includes all of the above items with exception to rubber bands.

If you're looking to stick to a strict floral budget, our DIY options may be right for you. Typically, our DIY packages can save couples up to 25-30% compared to our arranged packages.

Absolutely! If you'd like to add additional flower types to your order or learn about additional color options, please contact our team and we'll start curating your custom DIY package.

Yes, but we do not recommend it because of the amount of time it would take. It typically takes 2-5 hours to assemble a DIY package with help from 3-4 people, so if you choose to do it solo, please plan your time accordingly.

Not much at all! We walk you through it step by step and the arrangements were thoughtfully designed to be easily recreated.

If you have any questions at all throughout the DIY process, please reach out to our sales team. You can also check out our video library of DIY wedding flower tips and tricks.

When we conducted a survey from couples that have chosen our DIY packages, we found that the majority of couples who chose to go the DIY route found that they were actually surprised by how much fun the arranging part could be. Assembling the flowers provides a great opportunity for you to connect with your wedding party and guests in a meaningful way in the moments leading up to your big day.


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